Borderlands 3: Guns, Love and Tentacles Wedding Presents locations


By James Billcliffe,
Friday, 3 April 2020 16:23 GMT

Scattered across Xylourgos are thoughtful Wedding Presents from the whole Sanctuary gang. Despite being carefully addressed to the happy couple, Wainwright and Hammerlock, wedding planner-in-chief Gaige promptly lost them as she crash-landed on the planet. Here’s how to see every wedding presents safe return in the Borderlands 3: Guns, Love and Tentacles DLC.

There are four Wedding Presents for you to hunt down across the DLC planet. You don’t always find them on your first run through an area, and a couple are quite easy to miss – others less so.

You find the find Present in Cursehaven, followed by Skittermaw Basin. Next you find a Present in The Cankerwood, before rounding things off on Negul Neshai.

Borderlands 3: Guns, Love and Tentacles Wedding Presents

Cursehaven Wedding Present

This Wedding Present is up on the roof of a building near Olmsetead Square. Jump up the rooftops to the right of it to climb up.

Skittermaw Basin Wedding Present

You come across this Wedding Present when you infiltrate the Umbergrist Village. It’s at the end of a ledge sticking out over the frozen lake.

To get up there, make your way up and around the cliffs underneath.

The Cankerwood Wedding Present

As you leave the Fermentation Station after creating the most potent brew, this Wedding Present is on a ledge overlooking where you rescue Claptrap.

Negul Neshai Wedding Present

Finally, as you make your way to the Ruins of Yogseer on Negul Neshai, look over the side of the bridge.

Jump down to find the Wedding present of a ledge – be careful not to fall off.

Your reward is a new decoration for your room on the Sanctuary 3!

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