Tuesday, August 4, 2020


Darksiders 3 Review

Darksiders 3 reviewed by Daemon Hatfield on PC. Also available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. 16 Minutes of Darksiders 3 Gameplay (60fps) -...

Shadow of War: Making the City of Minas Ithil – IGN...

You've watched the brief teaser, now go behind the scenes with Monolith Productions to see new gameplay, features, and the creation of the massive...

IGN.com – Mass Effect: Romance

Spacemen need love too. See more at IGN.com! source

Tom Holland and Jake Gyllenhaal Respond to IGN Comments

IGN comments are funny, knowledgeable, passionate... and sometimes pretty weird. We showed Tom Holland and Jake Gyllenhaal some of our favourites about ... source

Turn Your Phone Into a Lightsaber With This Ridiculous Game –...

This google-engineered Star Wars game lets you take direct motion-control of a Lightsaber without a download. Subscribe to IGN Plays for more! source

Marvel’s Avengers Details + The Future of AAA Games – IGN...

Donate to the World Health Organization: donate.ign.com/whocovidrelief Donate to The Bail Project: donate.ign.com/thebailproject Today's Marvel Avenger's ... source

IGN's Top 25 Xbox One Games (Spring 2017)

We've updated our list of the 25 Xbox One games you shouldn't miss if you pick up Microsoft's latest console. Top 25 Nintendo 3DS...

How One Man Changed the Video Game Industry Forever – IGN...

An inside look at how Jonathan Blow's Braid significantly strengthened the indie scene and revived a genre. Owlboy - A Hi-Bit Adventure Nearly A...

WWE 13 Roster Reveal (IGN.com)

YES YES YES!!The roster reveal day was so amazing i was thrilled by all the superstars that will make it through the game i...

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Review

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate reviewed by Tom Marks on Nintendo Switch 25 Best Super Smash Bros. Characters: ... source