Monday, June 1, 2020


Why Blade Runner 2049 is IGN's 2017 Movie of the Year

2017 was an incredible year for cinephiles, so choosing one movie as the best of the best was tough, to say the least... Be...

What Cyberpunk Dev Actually Said About Religion – IGN Now

CD Projekt Red clarifies how religion will be handled in Cyberpunk 2077. With special guest, Bruce Greene! Subscribe to IGN for more! source

Darksiders 3: Enter the Flame Hollow – IGN First

See Fury in action in the Flame Hollow, one of the areas you'll play through in Darksiders 3. Darksiders 3 Official Reveal Trailer –...

E3 Square Enix Press Conference – IGN Live 2018

Watch the entire Square Enix press conference in case you missed it! Watch more from IGN here! source

Forza Horizon 4: Real Life vs. In-Game Britain – IGN First

Check out some of the real-world inspiration for Forza Horizon 4's take on England and Scotland. For more on Forza Horizon 4: Forza Horizon...

Jeff Kaplan Critiques IGN's Overwatch Team

Jeff from the Overwatch team analyses our attack play, and doesn't hold back. Overwatch: 15 Minutes of Uprising Story Gameplay at 1080p 60fps ... source

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order Review

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order reviewed on Nintendo Switch by Tom Marks. Subscribe to IGN for more! source

Fortnite Official Gameplay Trailer

The game will launch July 25. Watch the latest trailers here! source

Overwatch Review

Here's IGN's final verdict on Blizzard's huge multiplayer shooter. ---------------------------------- Follow IGN for more! ---------------------------------- YOUTUBE: ... source

Grid – Reveal Trailer

Check out the first reveal trailer for the Grid reboot. Subscribe to IGN for more! ... source