Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1 Battle Pass Skins: Leaked pictures also show new default skins


Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1 is now close on the horizon, and we’ve seen a few leaked images of new Battle Pass skins, and what seem to be new default skins.

There are four close up shots of the Battle Pass skins, but you can glean a few more tidbits from the characters in the background:

Show off your Moves

The “Show off your moves” image shows a close-up of a colourful and futuristic skin like we’ve seen in the last few neon-tinged seasons. However, you can also see another blue, goopy skin in the background. This skin features in the leaked story trailer, and can also be seen riding a pogo stick, which is a new mechanic that looks to be dropping in Chapter 2, season 1.

Judging from these leaked loading screens, it seems like he’s a Slurp Juice monster:

Create and Destroy

The close-up here is of a new toxic/poison-themed skin, which would have a lot of potential for alternate colour variations and animated liquid in its vials. Behind her, you can see Jonesy and the previously available Fennix skin – which could hint that we’ll be seeing variations of these during the season.

Master the Strategy

This eye-patched old soldier features in both the close-up and background of his shot, but could be wielding both a new weapon and harvesting tool in the images.

New ways to play

We’ve seen that there will be a ton of new mechanics coming to Fortnite’s new map with the start of Chapter 2 Season 1, and one of them looks to be fishing. It makes sense then to add a salty fisherman to fit in with the angling crowd. What’s interesting about the background shot though, is that these characters looks like alternate versions of default skins, and could be the new ones for this chapter.

There are apparently 8 defaults for this season, so it’s possible:

You can take a sneak peek at everything new in Fortnite in the Battle Pass trailer below:

You can download the fresh update on both PC and console now!

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