Genshin Impact update 1.1 adds new playable characters, quests, reputation system, more


Genshin Impact update 1.1 will be released on November 11, and it will add new quests, four playable characters, and a reputation system.

The new characters for Genshin Impact include two 5-star and two 4-star characters. The new quest will wrap up the Liyue chapter, and you can also expect character-specific side quests, according to IGN.

There will also be a seasonal event called Unreconciled Stars which will run for two weeks. In it, you will fight against a “sudden and terrible catastrophe” threatening Teyvat. You can expect various quests, challenges, and rewards such as a 4-star character Fischl.

The update also includes a new reputation system that provides a rating for each of the game’s cities. You will gain reputation by completing activities, and there will be region-exclusive rewards.

New items will be added, and these include a portable stove, treasure compass, oculus resonance stones which show where Anemoculi and Geoculi happen to be. You will also find a portable waypoint and a Wind Catcher which creates wind currents.

It was also confirmed that the game will be fully playable on PS5 on November 12 with “with improved graphics and faster load times.”

Genshin Impact has grossed over $100 million in revenue worldwide since its release, and a new region called Dragonspine will arrive in December.

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