Spider-Man: Miles Morales gets a cute sidekick with Spider-Cat


Miles Morales has Peter Parker beat with the cutest, deadliest suit.

As part of Game Informer‘s coverage of Spider-Man: Miles Morales, the magazine revealed a unique new suit at the young hero’s disposal.

It is essentially a hoodie Miles wears over his suit. The secret is all in the backpack, however, which is where the Spider-Cat (who also wears a mask) is hiding to bounce on suspecting enemies Miles beats up. We only get a brief glimpse of it in the footage, but it’s already the cutest thing in either game.

There’s a little bit of a setup for how this ended up being a thing. As part of one side quest, Miles gets to save a cat following a robbery of a local bodega. As you’re about to see, the cat’s owner refers to it as Spider-Man, and later allows Miles to carry the little bugger with him.

You’ll be able to bring Spider-Cat along on your crime-fighting adventures when Spider-Man: Miles Morales releases November 12 on PS4 and PS5.

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