The classic Singularity is on sale for 75% off


Every few years, the powers that be at Activision answer our prayers and allow Singularity to go on sale.

Singularity, Raven Software’s excellent, BioShock-meets-Half-Life-meets-STALKER sci-fi shooter, is actually on sale right now. The game is 75% off on both Steam and GOG, bringing its price down to $7.50.

This is not quite its lowest price ever, but considering how rarely it goes on sale, it’ll have to do. The sale is available now until Monday, June 1.

The time-bending, parallel universe adventure is well worth the price. It may not reach the peaks of its contemporaries, but it remains a good game with solid mechanics and a fun, mind-bending story. It’s one of the last games of its ilk, the kind Activision isn’t interested in making anymore. If nothing else, it’s a chance to revisit how things used to be.

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