This might be the most oddly satisfying GTA Online car stunt on the internet


At this point, it’s practically impossible to get tired of the crazy physics in GTA Online.

Whether it’s someone totalling themselves with a rocket launcher or a plane magically flipping on its head to fit through a tunnel, Rockstar’s ludicrous sandbox is a consistent source of entertainment.

The latest wacky development in the game that loves to toy with the laws of gravity comes in the form of a car that seems to be guided by mysterious forces to flip, pivot, and twist through a series of rings before – magically! – landing on all four wheels and racing off again.

I don’t even know how from r/gtaonline

It’s essentially Trackmania via GTA Online – a mix anyone can get behind. Give the embedded video above a watch. It’s nothing short of witchcraft, and a reminder again that Rockstar’s disregard for physics is as hilarious as it is impressive.

And that’s a good thing, too, because it still seems like we’re still a far way off hearing anything else about what Rockstar is working on for PS5 and Xbox Series X.

At least there is still demonstrably a lot of life left in ol’ Los Santos yet, though.

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